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Cable Construction

Cable Construction

1. Terminals:- Terminals are machined from high conductivity electrolytic copper exacting your bus bar size & dimensions. Tin/Silver electroplating is done on the terminals to reduce the contact resistance & increase the current density on the contacting surface. Cooling water is separately circulated within the terminals to cool inside & outside surface of the conductor.

2. Conductor:- Conductors are made from number of stranded ropes. They are laid on the central core in one single lay. Each single strand is made from high conductivity electrolytic copper. In order to facilitate inter strand movement & to avoid the wear on outer wires, every alternate conductor is protected by a rubber tube, which is perforated, in order to allow cooling water to pass through. The geometric mean radius (GMR) can be increased by increasing the core diameter & the no. of strands & decreasing the individual strand diameter.

3. Central Supporting Core:- The central core is made of hard rubber. Its main function is to support the conductors arranged in a specified pitch, along its periphery & to maintain their shape, despite the applied bending & stress. This is specially designed by us to ensure greater cooling by means of water flow through the conductors.

4. Outer Water Hose:- This water hose is made up of neoprene rubber with fiber glass impregnated on it during vulcanization process. This hose is exclusively designed by BBE as per your requirements & ensuring long cable life. Along with, possessing good heat resisting properties, our hose also ensures good flexibility for minimum bend radius as it made of different plies & other suitable material is reinforced on it.

5. Outer Bands & bumpers:- The outer bands are made of high tensile strength, non magnetic stainless steel which ensures maximum sealing of the cable. BBE supplies these bands which neither stretch nor loosen up in stringent working conditions. Rubber bumper halves are clamped together at regular intervals on the hose throughout the length of the cable. These bumpers protect the hose from getting damaged by inter cable collision during the charging operation Cable Cooling The water circulating system is in the annular space between the central supporting core & the water hose. The power dissipated is discharged through this system. The specified flow rate & pressure of water must be monitored by means of flow meters; if the circulation of water is inadequate, it is corrected by opening the furnace circuit breaker.

Copper Parts for Convertors

We are presenting a quality assured assortment of Copper Parts for Convertors. The Copper Parts for Convertors we offer is widely demanded amongst the clients for its availability in various sizes and specifications. We provide these products as per customized requirement.




  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Safe use

Copper Parts for Furnace

Copper Parts for Furnace

We offer all kinds of furnace spare parts such as SS Pots, Fan Assemblies, Heating Elements, SS Fans, Furnace lining Anchors are available as per the client’s requirement. These can be customized as per the specifications of the existing furnaces. We offer these parts to our clients at industry leading prices.

Finger Contacts for Switch Gears

Finger Contacts For Switch Gears:

Our wide range of 33 KV Finger Contacts is widely used in VCB's. You can avail our range in different specifications of copper alloys like EC grade, Chromium Copper and Cadmium Copper. These conform to various industrial standards and are offered at highly competitive prices.
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